We are sorry to announce the cancelation of StroudFest 2020. Due to the current social distancing guidelines set in place by the State of Pennsylvania, this local event will not be able to take place in a way that we all will be able to enjoy. 

For vendors, we want you to be aware of your options for this event. 1. We can transfer your tickets to a gift certificate to be used at another time. 2. You can get a refund.  3 You can exchange your tickets for a Sherman Theater membership ($100 value.)  4. If you are so inclined, understand that our staff and venue are working with no revenue, you can donate your tickets to our 501c3 and receive a tax-deductible donation letter.  This donation can be either to the Sherman in general, or you can donate them to our fund we have set up to help our employees through this difficult time. This gesture can go a long way to ensuring that whenever mass gatherings resume, that our team and the Sherman are here to celebrate with you. Please email us back with your choice with your order number, and we’ll take care of processing your refund or transfer.