The Sherman Theater first debuted on January 7th, 1929; exposing the Stroudsburg area to newfound cultural beginnings on opening night with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Through the decades, the theater became the central point of the community. The Sherman Theater is proud to have served our community by featuring demanded artists, assisting in the betterment of the community, and always having our doors open for the public!

Venue Info

Depending on the event, the room can accommodate General Admission standing shows, general admission seated shows, reserved seated shows, or any combination.  Event setups include everything from cage fighting events to our annual Beerfest setup.


Our standing capacity is 1,800 while our seated capacity is 1,250.


For all booking inquiries, contact

Advancing your Show

Shows should be advanced no later than 48 hours prior to the event.

To download our tech specs and map, click here!

Production Info

Front of House Sound

Console: Midas Pro 2
Drive: Dolby Lake Processors—1 for Array’s, 1 for Subs Snake(s):
Midas Dl231 Split snakes
-52 Channel CBI splitter w/ 4 returns and 30 ft monitor split

  • (2) 8-channel insert snakes
  • 16 channel drive snake



  • 12 EM Acoustic Halo C 12 flown per side
  • (8) Quake Subs (4 per side)
  • (4) EMS-81X’s
  • EM Box fills for VIP boxes
  • Side Fills: 1 TCS 1500b 3 way tops/ (2) 1800 18” front loaded subs per side



  • Fills: QSC-PLX 3602
  • Box Fills:QSE-PLX 3602
  • Highs: Powersoft Digam K8
  • Lows: Powersoft Digam K10
  • Subs: Powersoft Digam K10



Console: SC 48, X32 or swap with FOH

Boxes: (7) Single front loaded 15 x 2” HF driver with 60Hx40v dispersion

  • Wedge Power: QSC-PLX 3602
  • Band power quad boxes available



  • (8) Shure SM58s
  • (6) Shure SM 57s
  • (2) Shure PG52s (kick)
  • (6)Shure PG56s (toms)
  • (4)Shure PG 81s (OH)
  • (6) Radial DI’s

***More microphones available



  • 200 Amp 3-phase isolated power (dead tail tie in)
  • 400 Amp 3-phase isolated power (dead tail tie in)
  • Dedicated band power quad boxes



Console: Road Hog 4, Hog 1000, Leprecon 48/96 if needed for conventionals

  • (4) MX 2400 12-channel dimmers
  • (1) 24-channel dedicated 3-phase Edison distro for all moving heads
  • (12) Martin Mac 301 LEDs
  • (4) High end studio(23) WF Par 64s
  • (8) 26-degree Source 4 ellipsoidal’s for FOH specials -House lights on dedicated dimmer circuit
  • (3) ACL bars
  • (2) Altman Comet spotlights


Stage Dimensions

  • 3’ 6” from floor to stage lip
  • Proscenium Opening: 36’ 3” W x 22’ 3” H
  • 28’ deep
  • SL wing 18’ W l SR wing 21’ W
  • Grid Steel Height: 51’