Patrick Turner

Patrick Turner

Sat · September 28, 2019

6:00 pm

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Patrick Turner
Patrick Turner
After five decades of searching, Patrick Turner is on the verge of finding himself. The fleeting Will-O-The-Wisps and barely heard whispers and shades that have haunted the park recesses of his heart and mind have quietly been converging on this time and place, manifesting themselves boldly with his new album

"Ghosts' - set for release September 28th, 2019 on CD and all major online platforms. "High energy melancholy - that's how I would describe the album" claims the northeast Pennsylvania songwriter. "There's a narrative arc of loneliness and isolation that provides the thematic through-line. It's really about those things that tend to linger unacknowledged, those gnawing parasites that haunt us and prevent us from being fully present in our own skin. That said, I think the record has a great tempo and vibe that transcends the subject matter. It's a really rockin' album."

'Ghosts' began modestly at Soundmine Studios in East Stroudsburg, PA, with a desire to record a few songs that had captured his imagination. In the process of giving life to these few songs, a bigger agenda began whispering and invading his thoughts, demanding to be seen and heard. "I had no idea I was working on an album in the beginning. I was about halfway through that first batch of songs before it became vividly clear to me what was happening. I knew exactly which songs needed to be included and, apart from one song written late in the process, 'Ghosts' became fully formed in my mind at that time. It was just a matter of coaxing it out of the shadows." Though the tracks that comprise the album were all written and conceived independently of one another, they seem to share a sensibility and build toward something unifying. "This is very much an album:, claims Turner. "There is a flow and direction to the tracks that build to a definitive resolution with lots of subtle call backs, both lyrical and melodic, that tie it all together. It's not just a collection of songs assembled in one place. I think there will be a feeling of satisfaction for those who experience 'Ghosts' as a complete work. I would hope that at the end of the journey it will leave the listener in a more optimistic place."

Patrick Turner is a musician and actor who, for the last two decades has made his home in northeastern Pennsylvania. Originally from Long Island NY, he cut his teeth playing bass guitar in bands such as Last Rite and Hangman's Jury as a part of the thriving Long Island club scene. Beginning in the 2000s, after relocating his family, he has been a staple in the local theatrical community performing in plays and musicals too numerous to count as well as well as independent films and commercials. Music was always lurking, however, and his songwriting urge crawled from out of the closet in the park of night, refusing to be denied. The ghosts demanded to be heard. On Saturday, September 28th, 2019, they will no longer be content whispering from the shadows. "The chorus of the title track asserts that the listener ' See Me.' Hey, a ghost can dream, right?
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