SteveO and the Crippling Addictions, Brick Nova

Fri · May 24, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$12 advance | $15 day of show

ID required to drink

21+ to drink

Limited Monster Energy samples and giveaways

Groundwork started off like many other bands, except in this case, between two brothers. Tracing all the way back to 2012, it all began with Britt Meyer on drums, and Colby Meyer on guitar. It was obvious that the two had clicked together right away, and after writing their first song together, (which would later become Groundwork’s Inside & Out) they knew that there was something special there. In need of a bassist, Colby and Britt contacted their longtime childhood friend Trevor Behmke, and after their first jam session in the spring of 2014, the three had an undeniable chemistry and have been inseparable ever since. After a couple of years of honing their sound and going through a rotating lineup of singers, the three found themselves in a dilemma as they could not find a singer that truly fit their sound. Not knowing where else to turn, the three posted some of their instrumentals on the internet in hopes that someone would make a connection with it. Fast forward to October of 2016, when a guy by the name of Johnny Spagz sends an email out of the blue with his vocals on top of one of their instrumentals. Right after the first listen, the three other members pretty much knew right away he was the perfect fit, and right after their first jam session, Groundwork was officially born.
Their sound can be described as bare-bones raw, gritty, and dirty, grunge-y hard rock, and would most likely resonate with the fans of Sound Garden, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains, Tool, Stone Temple Pilots and many more. Since their formation, the group released their debut EP in September of 2018, have been continuing to write new music, and have been playing shows in the Philly and surrounding areas, which are known for their intense, high energy live performances and unforgiving, unflinching, unapologetic fusion of rock, punk, funk, and metal.
SteveO and the Crippling Addictions
SteveO and the Crippling Addictions
Where does one go after the Holy Mess? Singer SteveO went on a songwriting mission and came back with “Desolation Monday” – an eight song showcase of post punk tunes that will remind you where your soft spots are. The beautiful result is an almost instant classic. A dirty and dusty punk voice that could duet with Buddy Holly carries us through tales we can relate to all too well – loving, losing and how your record collection barely survived a messy break up with that awful ex. It’s a serenade to those who have said too many goodbyes and haven’t seen nearly enough reunions. Refrains quickly become sing along choruses reminding us of all we’ve fought through to be here. “Desolation Monday” just might be the soundtrack to the party to end all parties. Our party. The party you’ve been waiting for. No, not some bash filled with people you can’t stand – the kids that never outgrew high school and the obnoxious club kids aren’t invited. Put this on and feel good about being alive.

FFO: The Holy Mess, The Hold Steady, Tim Barry and Tom Petty.
Brick Nova
Brick Nova
Brick Nova is an indie, pop rock band from Philadelphia conceived in 2008. The band consists of 2 original members in their frontman, Tom Drakeford, and drummer, Eric Lesinski, along with bassist Jared Filer and guitarist Paul Dallas who joined the band during high school in 2014. They got their start writing and jamming whenever they could and eventually released their debut album "On the Move" during the end of summer 2016.
This first record was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band in a basement giving it a dirty, garage rock sound that no body expected. The tracks on this record really highlight the members' different musical influences. Songs are also noted for their clever arrangement and grooving rhythm section. Playing several shows with other local groups helped the band ease into their sound and grow tighter and more cohesive. After writing between work, college, and multiple gigs, Brick Nova released their second full length album, entitled "Play Dead", two years later in June 2018.
Between work, college, and multiple gigs, the sophomore album dropped July 2018. Listeners were surprised when they found 17 new tracks at their fingertips. Brick Nova put their stamp on the local music scene with key tracks like "Montana" and "On My Side" being streamed across media. When performing live, the group is recognized by their energy on stage and the passion with which they play.
As Brick Nova began to emerge more on the Philly scene, they signed with 1851 Records, a local indie label for the release of a new EP. The three song melting pot of funk, soft rock, and alternative bliss that is something to keep your ears out for. Brick Nova held their release show at Steel City Coffee House December 22, 2018 to a full house and is currently practicing for upcoming shows and writing for the release of their next full length album with 1851 Records to further their career.
Venue Information:
Sherman Showcase
522 Main Street
Stroudsburg, PA, 18360